Life has turned upside down for several people when it comes to the way that they work, and having a designated space can mean the difference in your productivity and peace of mind. No matter the kind of space that you’re working with, you can make working from home work for you.

Spare bedrooms turned into home offices.

If you have an extra room in your home, transforming it into a beautiful workspace is a great option. Bedrooms have great lighting and closet space can be used for extra office materials and files. This gives you space away from the rest of the household to focus on what you’re doing.

Create an office nook right off of the kitchen

If you have a little extra space off of your kitchen, consider creating a small space for you to work. This keeps you close to the coffee and utilizes the space in a functional way. Think About matching the desk with the cabinetry to create a cohesive look.

Get Creative with finding your Home Office Space

If you have limited space, finding a small area for a desk can seem unattainable. However, there are several options to make great use of the space you have. Try making a modular office space as a transitional area between kitchen and living areas or make a specialized nook in the corner of a room. If you have a large one bedroom, you can even consider converting the space into two rooms. A large bedroom or a walk-in closet can also serve as a space for an office nook. Keeping children away from your workspace can be important to designate areas. If you have children in online classes, you can designate your home office with modular shelving to separate your workstations.

Multipurpose Rooms for Work and Play

Turning an entire room into an office may be hard to justify, but making a space in your den or entertainment area can function as a space for work and play.

No matter where you choose to work when you’re working from home, make your space functional for your needs and you won’t be stuck on the couch with your laptop day in and day out.