What is bohemian interior design?

Bohemian style decor is often viewed as free-spirited and perfectly undone. This style emerged out of 19th century France when artists began to move out of Romani areas of Paris in pursuit of a more nomadic, artistic lifestyle. This created a juxtaposition of the French style and a search for an alternative standard of beauty resulted in the origins of what we know of bohemian style today.

This style today incorporates multiple styles into spaces that merge into a cohesive, yet eclectic sensibility.

Elements of bohemian interior design

Bold Colors

Any boho room that you encounter incorporates the use of bold colors. These colors lean very heavily towards earth tones. Deep greens, browns, jewel tones, and subtle metallics often find their ways into bohemian style spaces.

Mixed Patterns

Mixing and layering elements within a space is an easy way to bring out this style. You can make your space more bohemian by utilizing patterns and textures played up in unconventional ways.

Vintage and Worn

Frayed items and salvaged pieces are often found in these spaces. Burlap, crochet, macrame and found objects make this an easy style to really showcase your personality and be bold in mixing elements.

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