Traditional Design

What is traditional interior design style? Traditional design is great for those wanting to reflect classic European decor in their space. Elegant furnishings and deep woods bring out this style. Ornamentation can include claw-foot tables, wingback chairs, and curved furniture that were made popular in…

Contemporary Design

What is contemporary interior design style? Contemporary interior design style includes styles that were created in the late 20th century. Often confused with modernism, the word “contemporary” means “of the moment.” This means that it is adaptive and changes with the current styles of the…

Bohemian Design

What is bohemian interior design? Bohemian style decor is often viewed as free-spirited and perfectly undone. This style emerged out of 19th century France when artists began to move out of Romani areas of Paris in pursuit of a more nomadic, artistic lifestyle. This created…

Industrial Design

What is industrial interior design? Industrial style brings together modern lines with older materials. It’s a play on the contrast from warehouse elements from the industrial revolution such as exposed brick and beams, married with a lived-in appeal of modern flooring and fixtures. This style…

Modern Design

What is modern interior design style? The modern style began in the mid 20th century as a style that takes on industrial materials and pulls from German and Scandinavian design principles. This design style utilizes a lot of high contrast clean lines and functional pieces….

Minimalist Design

What is a minimalist interior design style? Many people are familiar with a minimalistic design style. It takes into practice stripping things down to their most basic form, and comes from the idea that “form follows function” and “less is more.” Minimalist design comes from…


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