What is traditional interior design style?

Traditional design is great for those wanting to reflect classic European decor in their space. Elegant furnishings and deep woods bring out this style. Ornamentation can include claw-foot tables, wingback chairs, and curved furniture that were made popular in the 18th and 19th centuries.

This style is classic and timeless, and it gives off a sense of comfort and familiarity within spaces. It’s important to use neutral colors in the walls to achieve a sense of grounding in the space. With the opulent colors and organic lines in the furnishings, it’s important to tie it together with a neutral color. This traditional interior design style allows you to use elements from the past to create a comfortable space.

Elements of traditional interior design

Detailed Woodwork

Traditional interior design uses rich wood such as maple, mahogany, and cherry. These furnishings can be lacquered and carved with lots of ornamentation that makes it feel luxurious. Flooring is often wood in a space that is designed in the traditional style.

Crafted Furniture

The furniture in traditional spaces are typically designed in three different ways: Chippendale, Queen Anne, and Sheraton. Queen Anne furniture is decorated with curved lines, violin-shaped chair backs, cabriole legs, and decorative finials. Chippendale pieces offer more straight lines and a greater amount of artistic embellishment than Queen Anne style. Sheraton furniture contains tapered legs and contrasting inlays and veneers.

Elegant Fabrics

Fabrics in traditional design are typically solid but they can include patterns such as floral, paisley, and damask. These fabrics are usually luxurious cashmere, silk, or velvets.

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