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You and your family deserve more than a metal desk and extra chair stuffed into a spare corner.



While it can be tempting to set up shop at the dining room table or on the couch, these areas aren’t the most conducive to learning and work. Creating a dedicated learning and office space can make it easier for all to concentrate on school or office work.


Today more than ever Home offices are being included in more remodeling projects. No matter the stage of family life, a home office can help facilitate your family’s lifestyle.

Having a designated workspace in your home will help separate the time for work from the time for home life, which is important for peace and balance. It can help foster efficiency being in a space with a focus of purpose and intention of what you are working on.

  1. Choose a dedicated location that will help to avoid distractions such as noise or household chores. If you have children at home, they can learn if you are in the office and the door is closed, you are not to be disturbed. This can be changing the use of a spare bedroom, repurposing a formal dining room, enclosing a portion of a patio, reconfiguring a laundry room (and enclosing the washer and dryer in cabinetry so they are out of sight!), or doing an addition or casita.

  2. Design the space so you will be excited to work there. Include natural light and proper lighting so there are no shadows. If you will be on “video conferences,” situate your layout so what will be seen thru your computer camera in the background looks professional. Have sufficient cabinetry and shelving for your storage needs to avoid clutter. You may want to put in sound deadening walls and a door with a full light glass inset so you can see family and they can see you, but you can minimize the noise of voices, music, or a dog barking. Paint the walls a color you love and hang photos and artwork that inspire you to do your best.

  3. Think about how you will be using your home office. Will it be used by others to work, or for client or training appointments? How much surface space do you need for work projects? Where should the computer and printer go? Will you have a standing desk? Dual Monitors? Will you need a wall space for tracking activity, goals, results, etc.? If your business grows, could you need to hire an assistant? Plan for possible increase in need and use for the office.

  4. Plan for convenient locations for electrical, telephone, and cable outlets. Have your surge protector strips easily accessible. You may want your Wi-Fi router on a switch so you can easily shut it off when not in use for security. Keep in mind electronics don’t like static (or heat), and too many hard surfaces create sound reverberation. Will you want a ceiling fan?


Most families don’t have the luxury of a whole extra room just for learning.  Work with the space you do have. If you are stressing about where to create a space, know there are tons of exciting and easy ways you can do this!

Crown at Home can help.

The key is to create a specific space where you child will routinely do his/her learning.  Whether that be an extra room, loft area, desk in the living room, or even your dining table, it is most important to show your child that you value learning is valuable enough to give it a consistent place in your home.  Here is a list of ways the atmosphere of you room can contribute to your child’s learning.


  • Lighting- Choosing a space that has windows has tremendous benefits. Natural daylight promotes classroom and workplace learning.  The broad range of light and color will impact behavior and lessen anxiety and stress. 


  • Power- Knowledge is power. Unfortunately, it will not charge your Chromebook or laptop.  Be sure to select a location that your child can plug in so there is no interruption to their learning.


  • Comfort- Comfort is different to everyone.  Having a few select choices for seating to do work can help with concentration and productivity.  Seating options can vary and include a traditional seat with a desk, a standing desk, bean bag chairs, or a balance ball chair.


Love Your Space. Our design team is interested in your ideas. Now is the time to turn your ideas into reality by letting us design and build your new, high-quality, functional learning space — one that is custom-made just for you.

Know Each Other. Schedule a virtual or in-home consultation so we get to know your style and your family’s needs while you get acquainted with us.

Select Your Products. Select your materials one-on-one with your personal Crown at Home designer. We feature only the most up-to-date, high-quality products.

Understand Your Concepts. We realize that imagining what your space will look like when it is finished can be difficult. We don’t make you rely on your imagination; we provide everything so you can view your new ideas accurately.

Know the Schedule. How much progress has been made on your project? What work will be done next? When will the work be completed? We offer each client a personal project manager to keep you in the loop.

Easy Communicating. You receive personalized communications from your project manager throughout the entire process. As he or she oversees the careful execution of your project, you are kept in the loop from start to finish.

Peace of Mind. Rest easy while enjoying your new learning space. Once your it is complete, Crown at Homes warrantees and support kick in.


 We are a team of like-minded individuals dedicated to the construction industry with a special passion for interior finishes. We seek relationships with customers who value a company that serves to solve problems while prioritizing workmanship and industry best practices.

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